Our Foundation

Plethora computers has come a long way since our launching in 2010. The idea first came to us when we started to buy small electronics from auctions in and around the greater Pittsburgh area. We noticed a large demand for re-using or re-cycling electronics. This is why we started to market the idea of refurbishing and buying new electrics from companies that had overflowing inventory.We have always made it a point to concentrate on the reuse, and refurbishment of parts. From there Plethora Computers.com expanded its reach into the growing digital market by adding services such as web hosting and voice. Now soon to add 10,000 new products in the next year.  

Planning for Growth

Our company plans on continuing to expand it's reach into larger markets to gain data in the information age that we're in today, online presence is a necessity and quite frankly, just assumed. That being said, what good does it do to have a great looking website that no one can find? Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have become staples in our everyday lives and are predicted to become even larger in scope and size as we rely on the web more and more each day. Its a must now a days for businesses to invest in online presents and Plethora Computers is doing just that.

Company Facts

  • Ownership - 100% employee owned
  • 25,000 views a day
  • Leading Company in refurbished computer parts  

Company Location

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Wellsburg WV 26070

Phone: (304) 278-4312



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